Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carter's Crew!

I HATE when I don't get to blog everyday or close to that, but my schedule has just been nutty lately!!! But this blog is about our family's first Buddy Walk. Our nephew (and my Godson), Carter was born in April with Down Syndrome. His wonderful mommy and daddy have taken this opportunity to raise awareness about down syndrome and support their local chapter of the Down Syndrome Association (Nashville, TN). The Buddy Walk is the national event that supports and gives money to this foundation. We were Carter's Crew! We only got to drive up for the day, but is was WONDERFUL getting to see our family who we don't get to see too often!!!! Below are pictures of the family at the walk.

The beautiful star of our event : ) We LOVE him SO much!!!!!

Part of Carter's Crew walking to raise awareness : )

Matt, Liz, Liz's dad, and big brother Connor...and Carter all covered was cold!

Carter's Crew (except Mikey) about to cross the finish!

My Mikey, Timbo, and Connor

Almost all of Carter's Crew

He LOVES his Uncle Mikey!

Me and My Love

SWEET baby Carter!

The Coop Girls - Me, Momma Coop, and Lizzie : )

Mikey and his Mommy : ) i LOVE you guys!!!!!!

Mikey and his parents

 The Coops : )

Will, Tabetha, Mikey and Me

BEAUTIFUL family!!! i LOVE ya'll!!!!

And finally, its EVERYONE in Carter's Crew : )

OH! and I almost forgot!...

20 - 6

That makes Bama 7-0...Woo Hoo!!! It wasn't a pretty game at all!!! The Gamecocks put up a good fight, well the defense did anyway. But our quarterback had a tough night and Bama got way TOO mnay penalties. But, we STILL WON!!!! YAY!!!! Mark Ingram definitely deserves almost ALL the credit for this game (#22 in the pic) that's why I posted this picture. Well, next week out opponent is a long-time rivalry...Tennessee! Should be a good game...ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!

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