Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another wonderful weekend!

WOW!! It's been like forever since I have been able to blog : ( Work kept me busy the end of last week and then I enjoyed the WHOLE weekend with my hubby : ) As you know, we were suppose to go to Six Flags this weekend, but the weather would not cooperate with us : ( So...we improvised.Well, let's see...Friday I planned to go to dinner, shopping, maybe a movie and then barnes and noble (with a pumpkin spice chai latte, of course!). Unfortunately, Mikey was NOT feeling well at all...he has migraines : ( and now I am FORCING him to see a doctor asap! but anyway...we went to dinner at Taziki's, a YUMMY greek restaurant, went to the mall for a little while but then cut it short and brought Mikey back home! Poor baby! I did manage to find some good deals though! I got a new pair of pants and a pair of pj pants and the Gap for only $15!!! Also, I got a super really cute pair of new shoes : ) i just LOVE new shoes!!!

My new shoes : ) i just LOVE aldo!

Saturday was great! First, we went downtown to Five Points and ate at The Original Pancake House...OH.MY.GOODNESS. sooooooo y-u-m-m-y!!!! It's the first time we have ever been and man was it good! I couldn't even eat again til that night it made me so full! Then we went and walked around the Summit for a while. We actually didn't end up buying anything...amazing huh!? Then we headed home to watch BAMA kick butt!

Alabama vs. Ole Miss
22 - 3

That makes us 6-0 now! Woo Hoo!!!!!! This picture is of Juilo Jones, one of Bama's BEST! He can make some GREAT plays! I can't believe football season is already half over : ( I just LOVE football season and it flys by so quickly and takes so long to come back around! Maybe we can afford season tickets next year! Highly doubtful, but I can always dream...right!? We then headed to the mall...again.  We again didn't purchase anything...except chick-fil-a. We then tried to go to On Tap and watch the Florida vs. LSU game but the wait was too long so we just came back home and watched it.


 Just wanted to include a picture of my babies : )

 Today, we headed to church : ) I woke up late, but we still made it!!! I was not letting the devil keep me out of church! I only get to go every other weekend as it is and I was NOT missing it. Church was GREAT as always! They had parent-baby dedication day which is always fun to see the cute little ones! God is SO GREAT! and I love Him SO MUCH! I can't wait until we have jobs with more normal work schedules so we can go to church every week : ) After church we had lunch at the Olive Garden! It has been SO long since we have eaten there, and it did NOT disappoint...SO GOOD!!!! Then we headed home for a Sunday afternoon nap. We went to Michael's tonight where I got a couple of fall decorations for the house! I cannot wait until Christmas and hopefully a new house to decorate!!!!!! : )

Well, I will be working on a day schedule this week which is good, but also bad cause I have to go to bed early : ( So, I guess I better wrap this up and head that way! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures this weekend but I will end this post with another old pic of Me and Mikey. Goodnight All!

This is us sometime around January trying to learn how to work our new camera. We still don't really know how to use it, ha! i LOVE my Mikey : )

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