Friday, October 30, 2009

The Doggie Saga continues...

Soooo...I thought my vet days were over for a while but my precious Toby decided to prove me wrong today. As I was home with the all the puppies this morning (by myself this time), we were just relaxing and catching up on The Hills. I noticed Toby was trying to spit up or something so I took him off the couch and put him on the floor where he then threw up (sorry, gross i know). When he finished spitting up he looked up at me and his little face was completely swollen : ( His mouth and eyes looked SO pitiful! we go the vet...3rd day in a row...I won't make it a long drawn out story because there's not much too it. But basically he had an allergic reaction to his vaccines yesterday. Poor thing had to stay there all alone without me all afternoon : ( And of course I cried...yes, in the vet. I was so sad because I was all alone today, at least Mikey was home with me the other night when we had to go. So, I had to be a big girl today. I got to pick Toby up before I left for work. He looks MUCH  better : ) I hope he is through scaring me for a while! I don't know how much more I can take! So, we just have to keep giving him Benadryl for a day or so. And now every time he gets vaccinated he will have to be premedicated and stay for observation...oh, these special dogs I have. But i LOVE them though! Poor Toby has been through hell the past few days. That makes 3 rectal temps for Toby in like 48 hours now...It hasn't been an especially good week for us. Hopefully next week will be better! Tomorrow is Halloween, yay! I have costumes for all 3 doggies so check back tomorrow or Sunday to see them : )

Toby with his bandage : (

Toby trying to take his bandage off, ha! "What is this thing!?", he says.

Charlie kept checking on Toby when he got home

"I'm feeling better now! Thanks Mommy!" : )

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Doggie Day

Today we spent all day with the puppies! It was a good day for us, but probably not for toby, ellie, & charlie, ha! poor things...they had to go to the vet today :( Toby gave us a MAJOR scare last night! While we were all laying on the couch watching The Proposal (very funny movie by the way!), Toby just starting trying his best to get to me on the other end of the couch. He was shaking, one paw wasn't working, and his mouth wouldn't open :( It was the SADDEST thing :( I am almost in tears again just thinking about it. But anyway, I'm pretty sure he had a seizure :( I was hysterical! I can't believe I acted the way I did! Thank goodness Mikey was here! I was just crying SO BAD! I was SO afraid my baby Toby wasn't going to be okay! So, we drove to a vet ER to have him checked out, but by the time we got there he was okay. Ironic as it is we were going to get shots today anyway so we just waited to see what the vet said today rather than spend money at two different vets.

So, today Toby and Ellie had to get exams and shots and Charlie got a pedicure, ha! The vet today said that Toby probably did have a seizure but unless it happens again, we can't do anything right now. So, please pray he doesn't have anymore!!!!!!!!! i LOVE toby soooooooo much and nothing can happen to him!!! Toby and Ellie were pretty good...Ellie was shockingly the BEST! I can't believe it! Usually Toby does better. Toby was good, he just freaked out when they took his temperature...I don't blame him though, two rectal temps in 24 hours is just NOT cool, i feel ya Toby! Ha! Charlie was awful! He screamed the WHOLE time they cut his nails! He is going to have to get better! Toby and Ellie also had to get blood drawn :( It was funny cause they had these cute little bandages on their leg. I was going to take a picture but Mikey just had to take the bandages off!

After we left the vet, we were going to take the doggies to the park but we were at the vet too late. Instead, we walked around the neighborhood and played in the yard a bit. They enjoyed it and so did we :) I hate I didn't take any pictures today :( But I am going to post the pictures of Charlie in the food drawer I posted about a couple of days ago and some old school ones of Toby and Ellie! Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for these guys! Charlie has to go get shots in a couple of weeks and after the way he acted today I am surely not looking forward to it! Well, going to spend some time with my love before he has to head to bed for work tomorrow :( Night All!

Charlie eating out of the food drawer! He is SUCH a little piglet!

A skinnier version of Ellie, ha!...this is summer 2007

One of Toby's favorite things to do...he's sitting on top of a laundry basket full of laundry : )

Monday, October 26, 2009

Working Monday

Tonight I am posting from work...I usually work on Monday nights so today was pretty much just a boring ol' day. So this post is mainly going to be about Charlie, our new puppy. So, I love him to pieces and he is the MOST adorable thing, but HOLY MOLY...I totally forgot how hard it is to potty train (or I guess it should be yard train, ha) puppies, ugh! Thankfully, Mikey is doing most of the work but when I am with him during the day, it's all on me. He freakin drove me crazy today! We went outside EVERY hour ALL DAY long and he NEVER used it once outside! What does he do...go in the house immediately after we come back in, ugh!...that little terd! He has such a funny personality though. He is the clumsiest thing I've ever seen, he can just be walking and fall on his face, ha! it's pretty funny! Another thing about Charlie is that he does things BIG! You will see what I mean in the pictures...So, everybody pray for Charlie and for me to have patience. I know he is just learning, but I am so spoiled to my Toby and Ellie who know where to do their business. So even as frustrated as I was at him all day, I couldn't help but love on him and smile after I saw this while I was cooking dinner...

He doesn't just get a toy or two out of the box and play...He jumps IN the box itself and plays with ALL the toys...PRECIOUS : )

He is just digging as hard as his little paws can...butt up in the air and everything, ha!

I have some pictures of him IN the DRAWER of dog food, but they are saved on the computer at home. I will have to post them tomorrow or Wednesday. Well, I guess that's about all for this post. Hopefully, the next 9 hours will fly by...yeah, right! Tootles!

That's What I Love About Sunday

So, Sunday was a wonderful relaxing day for us. We didn't make it to church which makes me SO sad, but Mikey was feeling sick Saturday night and with all the swine flu going around, I sure didn't want to take it to church if he had it. Fortunately, looks like he just has a cold. But anyway, so we all slept late and caught up on some much needed sleep. After taking Tyler back to his Dad (i was sad he left us), we headed to have lunch at Panera Bread...yummy! Then we went to Aldridge Gardens to check out there Fall Festival actvities they had going on and snap a few pictures. It was mostly kids activities like a magician, pumpkin painting, and a scarecrow contest. The scarecrows were SO cute, I took a picture of Mikey's favorite that I will post. So, we mostly just took a few pictures then headed out.

This was Mikey's favorite scarecrow...go figure : )

It was REALLY good...i hope this one won!

Mikey walking about the gardens : )

ME! : ) i always have to be the poser so he can get the camera set up...ha!

Beautiful scenery!

I loved this tree behind us, it was such PRETTY fall colors : )'s us again, sorry!

I love my Mikey : )

Alrighty, on to the next part of the day...We went to the mall to return a shirt, walked around a little bit and got Starbucks : ) Oh yeah...Mikey suprised me with some more angels too : ) Then we headed to Wal-Mart to get our pumpkins for carving! We were going to go to the pumpkin patch this year, but time got away from us so we decided to save that until next year. So the pumpkin carving begins...

 Mikey starting on his pumpkin

Mikey eating his pumpkin guts, ha!

My pumpkin guts...ewww!

i LOVE pumpkin carving!

Toby & Ellie getting in on the fun : )

Our finished products!

And again


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Events


This weekend has been busy! Saturday we headed South to visit my family. Me, Mikey, and Tyler headed out Saturday morning. First stop...Prattville. We stopped to visit my parents for about an hour Saturday on the way to Andalusia. After leaving them, we headed down to Paul and Andalusia to visit Dareath, Jason, Hunter, Brendon, and Jayden. We just hung out around their house for a few hours, had lunch, and played outside some before heading to watch Brendon play football. Oh yeah, and watched half of the Alabama football game.

Jayden playing outside...with his dirty pizza face : )

The two older boys hanging out



Handsome Boy

We then headed to Andalusia to watch Brendon play football at my high school. It was fun to show Mikey where I graduated from, although I don't think he was too excited about it, ha! Brendon is such a GREAT football player, he has such a strong passion for football! He may not be the biggest on the team, but I would be scared of him! He was right in the middle of the tackles (he plays defense) and did such a good job stopping the other team! Go Brendon!

He's on the end...#38

Listening to the coach

He's hard to see in this one, but he is right in the center with his hands on his knees (left side of the center)

Can't see him in this one, but that's because he was right in the center of the tackle! Go Brendon!

Tyler, Mikey and Charlie

Jayden with his hot chocolate : )

Tyler and Hunter watcihng the game

Watching Brendon's game : )

Dareath and Jason : )

Go Andalusia Termites
34 - 0

Our future Alabama player!

You know he's gotta look like a tough football player, ha!

It was VERY fun, but tiring day! I am SO happy that Tyler made the trip with us. I got to see a lot of my family in one day : ) That ALWAYS makes me happy!  Today was a GREAT day too, but I will have to post about that tomorrow...I'm sleepy! Goodnight All! : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Addition

Today has been suprisingly eventful! We went to get our nephew, Tyler this afternoon to hang out with him and go visit the rest of the family tomorrow. Before leaving to get Tyler, we decided to take a few pics outside with the dogs since it was SO beautiful out today. First, there are also some pictures of Toby playing with a ball of yarn...he was hilarious! I wish I could have recorded it, but I took some pics instead.

Toby and his new favorite toy, ha!

He is SO adorable! It's kinda like a buy all these expensive toys, and what does he want...a $.50 ball of yarn!

Yeah, you know us : )

Me and my babies : )

Little Miss Priss playing outside

Our Complete Family...but not for long...

After picking up Tyler, we were headed to the mall to do some looking and walking. Well, Mikey decided we need to stop my Wal-mart to get cough drops right before we got to the mall. Well, that Wal-Mart trip ended up being very costly...As we pull in the parking lot, we see this lady with her son holding a PRECIOUS miniature schnauzer! And what does Mikey do? Park RIGHT by them! see where this is going...I tried not to want it, but he was TOO precious. I totally blame this ALL on Mikey, ha! He parked right beside them, walked up to them and held him, and then told me I don't care if you don't...uh huh, it was ALL him, ha! So we go to Wal-Mart for cough drops and get a new puppy!

YEAP! You got it! We are pretty much definitely insane for having 3 dogs! Holy Crap! I can't help it though, my heart just melts when I see them. And I honestly think Mikey wanted him more than me. So, of course I have pictures to post...

This is our new baby, Charlie!

Toby and Charlie are introduced...Toby is like..."Um, what's going on?"

They all 3 meet...Ellie's ears say it all, ha!

Charlie and his Daddy

Charlie and his Mommy

An updated picture of me and my babies

Toby giving Charlie welcoming kisses : )

And last but not least......................

The Coop Family
As you can see none of our children pay attention, ha!

Alrighty, this ended up being a mighty long post! So, tomorrow we are headed to see my parents, and my sister, brother-in-law and my nephews. We are going to watch Alabama play and then watch the Andalusia Termites play...Go Brendon! Will probably post again on Sunday. Have a GREAT Weekend!