Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Such A Great Day

The golfing today went okay...we didn't know that we had to have cash to get balls so we weren't there long since we only had $1,ha! I did alright I guess, I did actually hit the ball a few times : ) It is just SO much harder than it looks! I like hitting with the driver more than the was lighter and the ball goes further. I need LOTS more practice, but next time we will much more prepared and spend more time out there so I can get better! I hope I stick with it long enough to actually be able to play on a golf course one day : )

Mikey posing for me

HA!!!!! Terrible pic of me...just proof that I was trying

He actually knows what he's doing! here's the not so great part of my day...I have been desparately needing to do something different with my hair. Especially getting into the fall season with some new outfits and such it really made me want a mini hair makeover. I knew I couldn't get in to see my regular hairdresser for a while and was just wanting to get it done before too long. So, I took a trip to the mall while the hubby worked on homework and found a salon. I was super excited (except for it costing double what I normally pay!) that they could fit me in right then. The color looks great! I wanted to keep it brown but wanted it lighter (without blonde everybody always wants to do to my hair) As for the hair cut it did not go so well : ( Today is the first day I have ever cried over my hair! He cut it the style I wanted it (a bob longer in the front and shorter in the back), but cut it WAY WAY WAY TOO short in the back : ( I truly do HATE it! I know its just hair and it will grow back but right now, I am just sad  because everytime I think about it or see it I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Oh well, can't change it now but I just wanted to whine about it anyway, ha!I just hope it grows out REALLY fast!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't take pics yet...I am too ashamed of what it looks like : ( Maybe tomorrow I can...

Well, I guess that's all the complaining for now, ha! I will be working the next 3 nights straight so there probably won't be much blogging over the next few days. I will try to throw in some short ones. Good Night and Have a GREAT Weekend!

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