Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Such A Great Day

The golfing today went okay...we didn't know that we had to have cash to get balls so we weren't there long since we only had $1,ha! I did alright I guess, I did actually hit the ball a few times : ) It is just SO much harder than it looks! I like hitting with the driver more than the was lighter and the ball goes further. I need LOTS more practice, but next time we will much more prepared and spend more time out there so I can get better! I hope I stick with it long enough to actually be able to play on a golf course one day : )

Mikey posing for me

HA!!!!! Terrible pic of me...just proof that I was trying

He actually knows what he's doing! here's the not so great part of my day...I have been desparately needing to do something different with my hair. Especially getting into the fall season with some new outfits and such it really made me want a mini hair makeover. I knew I couldn't get in to see my regular hairdresser for a while and was just wanting to get it done before too long. So, I took a trip to the mall while the hubby worked on homework and found a salon. I was super excited (except for it costing double what I normally pay!) that they could fit me in right then. The color looks great! I wanted to keep it brown but wanted it lighter (without blonde everybody always wants to do to my hair) As for the hair cut it did not go so well : ( Today is the first day I have ever cried over my hair! He cut it the style I wanted it (a bob longer in the front and shorter in the back), but cut it WAY WAY WAY TOO short in the back : ( I truly do HATE it! I know its just hair and it will grow back but right now, I am just sad  because everytime I think about it or see it I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Oh well, can't change it now but I just wanted to whine about it anyway, ha!I just hope it grows out REALLY fast!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't take pics yet...I am too ashamed of what it looks like : ( Maybe tomorrow I can...

Well, I guess that's all the complaining for now, ha! I will be working the next 3 nights straight so there probably won't be much blogging over the next few days. I will try to throw in some short ones. Good Night and Have a GREAT Weekend!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Loving Husband

I wanted to post some pics of the flowers and card from the MOST thoughtful and LOVING husband EVER! The Lord could NOT have put me with a better match! Thank you Love, for everything you ALWAYS do for me and thanks for always being my Number One! I love you Mikey Coop FOREVER! :)

I love the colors!

Not the best picture, but I still LOVE them : )

Mikey ALWAYS picks the BEST cards! And what he writes in them ALWAYS makes me cry! I love you!

Just Another Ol' Day

Today was nothing special. I worked last night so I mostly slept all day...I hate doing that but it is a necessity I guess. One thing I am VERY happy I finally accomplished was ordering our wedding pictures : ) It took me forever, but it was just SO hard to choose! I can't wait to get them, put in pretty frames and hopefully in our first, new home soon : ) I posted a couple of snapshots from the wedding taken by other people...

So, I stopped  by TJ Maxx on my way home this morning. I have had this more than usual strong urge to shop lately!!!! I guess I have just gone too long without shopping and I LOVE fall clothes anyway : ) I didn't really find much, I am trying to buy only the bargain unless I just HAVE to have it. I did find one cute dress though. After that I finally came home, made some pasta salad and watched my DVR'd episode of Dancing With the Stars with Toby and Ellie. About 1:00 I finally decided I needed to sleep some. When I woke up my SWEET hubby was here with flowers and a card...just to say he loves me : ) and i LOVE him MORE than life itself! I made one of his favorite dinners, Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas (yummy!) and then we just relaxed together a little and watched the Biggest Loser. Now I am just blogging while he works on school work.

I am exicted for tomorrow! First of all, this fall weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!! and Mikey is going to attempt to teach me how to play golf...or at least hit the ball, ha! It will be full of amusement I'm sure! I will be sure to take pictures to post! Off to get some housework done and rest for my golf lesson tomorrow! Good Night!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blah Monday...


So, this past weekend was GREAT! I always hate our days back to work without each other! I love being with my mikey and it makes me so sad when we work and have to spend days apart due to our opposite schedules. But enough whining... Church was great yesterday. We attend Hunter Street Baptist Church in Hoover, Al (pictured above). I grew up attending this church until we moved when I was about 13. It it such a wonderful church. Pastor Buddy Gray is SO down to earth and very entertaining. I am never disappointed when I hear one of his sermons. This fall we are having sermons discussing having "Hope during Difficult Times." We begin each sermon by having members of the church family show a video testimony of something that has tragically happened to them or their family and how they looked to the Lord for hope to continue their lives. This video testimonies are SUCH tear jerkers, but they always remind me of how truly good our God is and how he ALWAYS has a reason for everything! It's hard to remember that sometimes, so I always welcome a gentle reminder!
      After church we headed to my parents house in Prattville, Al to visit and have dinner. I was going to take pics to post but my mother spent 6 HOURS in the ER for a sprained ankle! (she's okay...they were just SUPER slow). It was a nice visit...they live out in the middle of nowhere so its alwalys quiet and nice to sit outside. Mikey shot his bow (getting ready for hunting season)...and Toby and Ellie roamed around outside being nosy, like they always do, ha! I always enjoy seeing my Momma and Daddy...i LOVE them SO much and I am VERY thankful for everything they have done for me : ) i love you!
     Today I am just continuing my normal routine for my first day back at work...that includes sleeping late, laundry, dinner, cleaning and being lazy!...all in half a day! I have caught up on 3 of my shows ( i LOVE fall TV), got dinner started, halfway done the laundry but thats about it...i had to force myself to turn OFF the DVR so I could blog and then get OFF my lazy butt and clean! So I guess this must be my farewell for now. Nothing exciting coming up this week, just work. We're STILL waiting on the final approval for the house (tick tock tick tock) maybe we will have some VERY exciting news SOON (hopefully!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is me and Mikey in our Alabama attire...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alabama v. Arkansas

This weekend was GREAT! Friday night Mikey and I drove downtown to eat in Five Points South (one of the most historic districts in Birmingham...very trendy) and tried this new Mexican restaurant named Fuego cantina. We sat outside right in the heart of Five Points and enjoyed some great music, mexican food and cervezas : ) Doesn't get much better! The weather wasn't too nice, but the rain held off most of the night. I canNOT believe how much it is raining here in Alabama lately...we go from severe drought to flash flood warnings like every day! And frankly I am SICK of rain! But anywho...Saturday was mostly desginated for Alabama football of course (ROLL TIDE!) but we did a little shopping too!...Well, i did most of the shopping : ) Mikey went and got us starbucks (he's so sweet!), then we headed out (in the flash flood of course) for lunch. We ate at one of Mikey's MOST favorite restaurant's...Salvatore's! They have VERY yummy homeade Italian food. Mikey always gets this ridiculously HUGE calzone, it must have like 5 pounds of meat in it! After lunch we headed to TJ Maxx : ) where I found some rather cute stuff for cheap! We also made it to the Galleria for a little while where I also did some damage. Then it was CRIMSON TIDE time...
This was Bama's first SEC conference game of the season. We are currently ranked #3! We played Arkansas and well we definitely BEAT them : ) 35-7...Woo Hoo!!!!!! I just love college football, period! But there is NOTHING like watching my Crimson Tide play! It's a feeling that NEVER gets old...thank you Daddy for raising me with the right team ; ) Well, I guess I need to clean up a bit, then get ready for church. We are going to see Momma and Daddy after church so I will post later...or maybe tomorrow

Saturday, September 26, 2009


i am SO SUPER excited!!!!!!!!!!!! i FINALLY figured out how to make my page somewhat CUTE : ) it has taken me like almost 2 hours to figure this out so i don't have time to post about the weekend tonight. i gotta get to bed to make it to church in the morning. going to visit the parents tomorrow so i will blog either tomorrow night or monday before work. nite-nite! and GO ME! : )
Wow! I'm really not too good at this...So, the most recent news from us is that we ended the contract on the house I previously posted pics of. The mortgage company we were going through just wasn't doing their job! So.....we found a CUTE little house in Fultondale which is only about 10 minutes from downtown B'ham which is fun and also GREAT cause that's where we both work : ) All things definitely happen for a reason! Well, now we are still waiting on a final approval from this mortgage company...i HATE waiting! But anyway...I will post pictures soon! Happy Weekend and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toby & Ellie

I just wanted to post some pictures of our babies. The white puppy is Toby, he is by far the sweetest, most patient pet I have EVER met. He is soooo silly and cute! He was my first puppy that I got while I was still in school at Troy. Toby was my best friend and was always there to keep me company through the lonely days of hell in nursing school when everyone else was out having a good time. Ellie is the smaller tan chihuahua. I got Ellie my last year at Troy so Toby would have a friend. I have never, ever seen an animal as cuddly and loving as she is! She ALWAYS has to be literally right up under or on top of her mommy or daddy, so pitiful, but SWEET : ) She also LOVES her big brother (Toby), she seriously will NOT let him out of her sight! They are definitely my babies and I don't know what I would do without them : ) I love you guys!

My Babies

I'm Back!

Okay, so I'm still clueless to this whole blog thing! I really want to make my page all cute and stuff but I don't know how : ( I am usually pretty good with this kind of stuff, but now I am stumped! Hopefully I will sit down with enough time soon to figure it out...So, we have been building a house since July! So exciting but so hard to be patient and wait! I wanted to post some pics of the house throughout the building process. There are pics from before the slab was poured to the stage its in now. As of tonight, the house is bricked, walls and molding are up, the RIGHT cabinets are now in (they originally put ALL WRONG counters and cabinets in!), and electricity is done! Oh yeah, its also painted! I can't wait for them to put in our granite countertops! I am so ready to see my kitchen finished : ) So here are some pics so far...will keep you updated as the process moves along...