Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Holiday Wrap-Up

Well, like I said last post...this holiday season has been NUTTY!!! We bought a house 2 days before Thanksgiving, worked during Thanksgiving, both worked our butts OFF working overtime the whole month of December, worked our regular shifts during Christmas, visited Mikey's parents in Tennessee, had Christmas together, and then visited my parents out of town. WHEW!!!! I hate to say it but I am not too sad to see this holiday season go. It was great! but VERY exhausting! I am ready to begin the new year with my wonderful hubby in our new house, and make lots of good memories this coming year!

Since this was our first Christmas in our first home I did manage to squeeze in some time to take some pictures of our Christmas decorations. They aren't the best pictures because I am still learning how to get the most out of our camera but they will suffice. Also, we didn't get to do too much decorating because, HELLO...we were NEVER here this month but it's's a start and will be fun to look back on : )

So here's to Christmas 2009...

These looked LOTS prettier in person... Mikey did a GREAT job putting these up all alone! Next year we will be adding lights to the roof...just didn't have time this year : )

My sad attempt at decorating our table for Christmas...i am so NOT a decorator : (

LOVE my santa clause

These next few pictures are just some of my favorite ornaments...

My mommy made this ornament and others like it : )

From momma & papa coop last year...LOVE it : )

Mikey got this one for our First Christmas as husband and wife : )

We started a tradition the first year we spent Christmas together (before we got married) of buying each other an ornament for Christmas each year...These are the 2009 ornaments...

I got this one for's a snowman and woman who fit together like two puzzle pieces...just like me and Mikey : )

And this one is mine from Mikey because he knows i LOVE angels : )

Christmas, Part II

WOW!!!! These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy! Whew! So, this post is our second part of Christmas this year. We had Christmas together on Christmas night since I worked Christmas Eve night and Mikey worked Christmas Day. It was a nice, quiet evening together : ) i LOVE Christmas! Again, I didn't take many pictures of us opening gifts : (, but I have a couple. I got some VERY cute pajamas (my FAV) and sweaters : ) Also, some perfume and adorable socks! Mikey is the BEST gift shopper, he ALWAYS gets the BEST gifts : ) Mikey also got some pj's, slippers, Darius Rucker CD, Lowe's gift card and a nail gun to go with his air, i know ha!

The pups got some cool toys, treats and new bones!!!! They had one bone they were all 3 obsessed with and fought over, ha! So, now they all have a bone to chew on! So last year during the Christmas season...Mikey and I were out one night after putting gifts under the tree. When we came home that night, Toby and Ellie had opened ALL their gifts and eaten them ALL...the WHOLE bag of treats, bones, etc! It was HILARIOUS!!! Well, I thought so at least! So, needless to say we learned our lesson and didn't wrap anything edible this year. Well, while I was asleep Christmas day on the couch (after working), Toby and Ellie snuck off the couch and opened their presents (only toys this time)...AGAIN!!!! and then crawled back up on the couch and went back to sleep like nothing ever happened, ha! Those two are worse than children!!!!

The evidence left behind by the Christmas thieves

This was not staged...ha!

Waiting on their Christmas treats to be opened : )

Toby enjoying his Christmas treat

This girl LOVES her treats : )

Charlie and his bone : )

Saturday morning we drove to my mommy and daddy's house to visit them for Christmas. We just hung out, talked and laughed at my Daddy as usual. My momma, daddy, me and Mikey played Yahtzee that night...and Daddy cheated of course, ha! And he won : ) It was fun though : ) Good Times!

That pretty much wraps up this 2009 Christmas season for the Coops : ) We look forward to doing it again next year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My baby girl, Ellie is 3 years old today!!! This makes me kinda sad because I don't want her (or Toby) to get any older : ( Ellie is the BIGGEST cuddle bug EVER! She is SO sweet (despite the reputation chihuahuas have). I will ALWAYS remember the night I got her, she wouldn't get out of my lap the entire ride home, and has been that way ever since, ha! I never thought I would be this attached to Ellie. I got Ellie for Toby to have a friend back when I was in nursing school and didn't get to spend a lot of time with him. Well, Toby got an Ellie stuck up his bottom is what he got, ha! Ellie NEVER leaves Toby's side, but I don't think he minds it too much : ) Mikey and I both love her very VERY much and I cannot imagine our lives without her! We LOVE you Ellie!!! And wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY MORE!!! Don't worry Ellie...I have birthday treats for later : )

Ellie when I first got her...almost 3 years ago!!!

ADORABLE!!!! and  SO tiny!!!!

She has ALWAYS loved Toby from the VERY beginning  : )

This is Ellie at 1and 1/2 years old!

And this is Ellie this year : )

Christmas, Part I

Being in the professions that we are, we unfortunately do not get spend Christmas with our families on Christmas Day : ( SO sad!!!! So, we must improvise. This past weekend, we visited Mikey's side of our family in Tennessee. We had a great trip! And it had been SO long since we taken a trip to his parents' house. I was nervous about traveling with 3 dogs and how they would behave while we were visiting but they were GOOD!!! I was so proud of them! Charlie was a GREAT rider, not a trait he has shown us previously and he also LOVED Max. Charlie was a little scared of Max at first but he warmed right up to him and they played and played! One thing that wasn't very nice of Charlie was that he went pee pee on Timbo's foot, ha! NOT very nice of him but it was kinda funny! I have NO idea why in the world he would have done that!!! I'm sure Timbo gave him the discipline he needed though, ha! Sorry Papa Coop!

Charlie & Max playing


Friday night we had a nice dinner at the Cracker Barrel (Y-U-M!) with Momma and Papa Coop. After dinner we took a little trip to the PX, then we headed home where Mikey and I opened our Christmas gifts! I have NO clue why I didn't get pictures of us opening our gifts (crazy me!), but I have some pictures of our gifts after we opened them. I got some totally comfy pajamas with matching slippers...ALWAYS a favorite gift of mine!!!!!! and Mikey got some shirts for work. But our big gifts were a TOM-TOM!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! (SO happy I don't have to be lost anymore!!!!!) and a gift card to Lowes to help us buy our fence for the back yard!!!!!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! Thanks SOOOOOO much Momma and Papa Coop!!!!!! We LOVE you guys and are SO thankful for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, we headed down to Nashville where we got to see Matt, Lizzie and two of our beautiful nephews : ) After having lunch with Lizzie and the boys we headed out for some shopping and sight seeing!!! We got to visit my FAVORITE store...the Apple Barn! and of course some other good places too! After shopping we headed to the gorgeous Opryland Hotel to check out the Christmas lights. They were SO pretty, but it was SO cold outside! I am really happy I finally got to see them though! I have been wanting to see them the past couple of years!

Outside Christmas tree at Opryland Hotel

Me & Mikey

Only part of the very beautiful nativity scene

Christmas tree and wreath inside Opryland

 Wreath again


Momma Coop and Me : )

Mikey and his Mommy : )

Sunday, Mikey went hunting with his Daddy while I watched Momma Coop wrap gifts, ha! I would have helped but I am NOT a pretty gift wrapper! After the boys got home, we headed out to lunch at the PX...Charley's, SO YUMMY! And then had to head home : ( We ALWAYS love our weekends in Tennessee but they fly by SO fast  : ( I wish we could visit more often!

Well, Christmas Part II is coming up later this week...stay tuned! And if I don't get to post before Friday...I hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the 2009 Heisman goes to...

Oh, yes...i know...ANOTHER post about ALABAMA football you ask!?!?!? Well, OF COURSE!!! BAMA's #22 Mark Ingram won the 2009 Heisman trophy last night!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited!!! Dang! this is one EXCITING year to be a BAMA fan! I was actually very suprised that he won the prestigious award; not because he didn't deserve it but because generally Alabama is not very well liked and I just didn't figure he would get the votes. But I'm SO happy he did : )

What makes this even more thrilling is that Ingram is the first player from Alabama to ever win the Heisman! He SO deserves it and I am glad he got the recognition he was owed. And I just have to say for those Auburn fans who tried to say "well at least we kept Ingram from getting the Heisman"...well HA!!! In your face!!!! Roll Tide Roll my friends!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Pictures & Praise

We finally have ALL of our wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! It took a while to save the money to get our disc but we finally have it (6 months later) and I am thrilled : ) Of course I can't post all of them but I am going to share some of my favs tonight!

Not much happened today. I just slept most of the day and Mikey worked so we have tons to get accomplished tomorrow. We have both been working our butts off lately working overtime!!! Whew! I think it's starting to catch up with me! We only have tomorrow off before we both head back to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yuck! I thought once we got moved and settled in things would start to calm down, but unfortunately I just can't shake that unsettled feeling yet. I guess until I get EVERYTHING in it's place and decorated I will feel that way : ( I hope not, because that's going to take a while between the holidays and working.

So, I wanted to share some wonderful news! This girl in my prayer circle has been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years. She has been through surgeries and fertility treatments and found out today she is pregnant!!!!! I am SO happy for her and her husband! Always nice to have a reminder that the Lord listens to us and knows the desires of our hearts : )

Now for some wedding photos : )

LOVE this one of the little ones : )

The first time Mikey saw me : ) He's so handsome!!!!

i LOVE us!

We were talking...We were just SO glad this "LOOONG time coming" wedding was about to take place! I was SOOOOO  happy here!

The LOVE of my life! Well, my first love of my life : )

Love the open field!

Okay, so I went all cheapo on the internet and it is super slow when uploading pictures! I called to get the faster connection next, ha! So, until then these pics will have to do. I want to post more but will wait until it doesn't take all night! Have a GREAT weekend : )

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Gator Chomp

Okay, so I realize that all these posts about Alabama football are probably boring most of you out of your minds...BUT we are the SEC CHAMPIONS...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am sorry, but being the avid Alabama fan that I am, I want to be sure to document this football season so I can look back on it in the years to come. I will have other posts coming up...promise! But for now it's all about the Crimson Tide :)

So, obviously we won against the despised Florida Gators. Not only did we beat them, we KILLED them! It was GREAT! And to make it ALL better, it happened on my Daddy's birthday!!! My daddy is an avid BAMA fan also (of course who I took after, ha!) so this was a great birthday present for him!

32 - 13

BAMA is now 13-0!!!! This has been a GREAT season!!! Of course there have been some "not so great" games and very "nerve-wracking" moments but all in all a very fun season of Alabama football! This was an awesome game to end on though! Bama played a beautiful game and just "rolled" right over those Gators, ha!!!!! Now, all I have to do is convince Mikey to buy us season tickets for next year : )

I just have to add this guy in! This is "Mount" Cody as he is called. Obviously he is HUGE and nobody can get past him...i LOVE him!

This is Mark AWESOME player (i think I have actually blogged about him earlier this season), but hopefully he will be BAMA's first Heisman trophy winner...stay tuned, we find out next week : )

This is Greg MCElroy, the BAMA quarterback...I have to admit he wasn't my favorite player when he first started but he has shown GREAT character, leadership and enthusiam!!! He played an AMAZING game last night! I will be happy to see him again next year : )

And lastly, we have our coach Nick Saban and another wonderful player Javier Arenas. That boy can run!!!!

Again, I apologize to those of you who couldn't care less about Alabama football, but good news...we only have one more game...the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won't be for a few more weeks so at least you will get a break from it, ha! We will be playing Texas for the national title and the Crimson Tide's 13th national championship title!!!!!! I can't wait to watch it, but I too need a break : )

I will be working lots this week...Mikey and I both are working tons of overtime shifts this month so not much exciting will be going on. We are slowly getting settled into the new pad, but we are LOVING it!!!! Being a homeowner is GREAT!!!!! Posts to come will include our house and Chirstmas stuff, yay! I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Christmas cheer filled week : )