Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Fun & More to Come

I wanted to take a break from blogging. So, I did. I think 3 years is a sufficient break, don't cha think!? So, shall we??

My last post featured the birth story of my second princess, Emmalyn. Ironically, she is now THREE (how is that!?)  and is preparing to become a BIG SISTER herself! That's right. Our little family of four is growing and we will be welcoming Baby #3 in the fall! Of course we are elated about our expanding clan. I mean what could be more fun than making life a little crazier! Absolutely cannot wait to meet this precious little blessing. However, we have another important event standing between now and our new addition in the fall...SUMMER!

Summer is seriously the BEST, right!? We sure do think so! Since Ella Grace, my oldest and the original princess of the house, starts Kindergarten in the fall I have decided this will be the best summer yet. Despite my largely pregnant self parading around the sweltering heat of the Alabama summer, and working extra shifts to prepare for time off with 
Baby 3, I am determined to make this summer one for the books.

We've started off strong. We have been to the water park, signed up for summer reading, celebrated National Donut Day (how could you not!?) and Ella Grace is going to VBS this week! However, I've done a poor job documenting and taking pictures so I will need to work on that. I have started a Summer bucket list of sorts to hold me accountable. I'm excited to be back and sharing the life of our little family again! More summer fun to come!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Emmalyn's Birth Story


You must like March more than April because you decided you were making an early debut into our family changing your birth month : ) Mommy went in to her usual weekly check-up at 38 weeks on a Monday morning. I had my usual contraction stress test and ultrasound, but when Dr. B came in to discuss how well you were doing, as he had every time before, the conversation went a little differently. Mommy had been losing fluid from her belly over time, but by now had reached such a low point that it was no longer safe for you to stay in Mommy's tummy. So, that morning instead of leaving Dr. B's office with another week or two to prepare for your arrival, I had 2 hours to get back to the hospital and prepare to give birth!

I headed home and started packing. Quickly! And no, I had not already packed our hospital bags, liked I should have weeks before this point. That was my top priority that day, after my doctor's appointment : ) So, after quickly getting together all our necessities, Daddy and big sissy arrived to pick Mommy up and take me to the hospital.

I had to check in alone so Daddy could stay with big sis until Nana Coop got to our house later that night. Not much happened the first night. Mommy was just put on monitors to make sure you stayed healthy all night during my contractions. About 4:00 the next morning, Mommy got up, took a shower and got ready to meet you! I was SO excited! I wasn't too nervous this time around since I kinda knew what to expect. I started the morning dilated at 2 cm. The pitocin was started around 6:30 a.m. and soon after I got my epidural! (I learned my lesson the hard way about waiting to get epidurals when I had your big sister!)

Dr. B came in to check my progress around 8:30 and I had progressed to 4-5 cm. At that time, I thought things were moving along pretty quickly. I was feeling great and LOVING my nurse that helped deliver you : ) So Daddy, your nurse and I just chatted while watching a little TV for a little bit. I was having some good contractions so I felt confidant that next time they checked me I would be pretty close to pushing. Dr B. showed up to check me again around 10:00 and I was still at 5 cm. At that point I just prepared myself for the fact that I probably wouldn't be meeting you until later that afternoon since I was dilating pretty slowly. So, we just settled in and prepared to be there a while. Then, about 30 minutes later, my nurse randomly told me that she wanted to check my progress, and I was at 8 cm! The contractions really kicked in at that point and I started feeling LOTS of pressure! So about 15 min later I asked her to check me again because I just felt like you would be making your debut at any minute. When she checked me, I was dilated to 10 cm!!! Things started happening so quickly! I couldn't believe how quickly everything turned around. I was SO excited and ready to begin pushing, but Dr. B decided to just slow things down a little bit and let me and you relax before we both started working hard to bring you into the world : ) So we rested for about 30 minutes while we waited on Dr. B.

A few minutes before noon, Dr. B came in and it was time to push! YAY! I only had to push TWO times and you were here!!! : ) And...you were almost born at the same time as your big sister, only 1 minute later! So, on March 26, 2013 at 12:09 p.m. you entered this world! You were a tiny 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 19 1/2 inches and absolutely, amazingly beautiful! You had SO much hair and looked so much like your big sissy : )

Everything about your birth was so perfect! I will forever remember this day and cherish it. I am incredibly blessed and thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy! Daddy did so good helping Mommy bring you into the world by coaching me : ) He was smitten with you from the very minute he laid eyes on you! He didn't want to share you with anyone, even me : ) We are so thankful for this day in our lives and I cannot wait to celebrate your life every year on MARCH 26! We love you Emmalyn Grey!

Emmalyn Grey
March 26, 2013 at 12:09 p.m.
7 pounds 1 ounce, 19 1/2 inches

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life Lately

I never know how to start these blog posts when it has been 6 months since I last posted. I mean I have like a million things I can blog about that have happened since January, but it always feels so, well...awkward. I just had to take a blog world break. I thought back in January when I posted that I was ready to begin blogging again on a regular basis. Clearly, I was mistaken. I had to just take a step back from hobbies and interests and really prioritize my life. And honestly, once I did that, there was no  time left for blogging. Or pinning on pinterest. Or crafting. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of "pinning", right? Anywho, now that I am no longer preggers and getting settled as a family of FOUR, I am hoping that I will find the time to blog again. Who knows, but we'll see.

So, I have lots to catch up on. The last time I blogged, like REALLY blogged a post of worthy of any attention was OVER a YEAR ago when I posted about Ella Grace's 1st birthday party. Also, HOW has that been over a year ago. So crazy! And a lot has happened since then. We went on our family vacation to Destin in July (which I never blogged about...FAIL!) and right after we returned home I found out we were preggers again : ) And soon after that, like 5 days later I became extremely preggo sick and remained that way basically for the remainder of the pregnancy (just like the first time). So, that's really when my blog absentee-ism began. I feel awful that I didn't keep up with my weekly pregnancy posts the second time around like I did with Ella Grace, but it's just a tad bit more difficult to keep up with a 14 month-old (& up) while being sick and pregnant than it was when I could just lay in bed all the time : ) I feel guilty about it and I always will : ( So, Emmalyn one day when you read this, you will understand. Hopefully.

So, back on track. Let's just fast foward thru what I haven't covered...Vacation, found out we were preggers, Halloween (Ella Grace was kitty cat!), Thanksgiving (which we always spend at home, just our little family because of work), Ella Grace's second Christmas (loads of fun!), and then our last vacation as a family of three to start 2013 (totally AWESOME!). Maybe I will blog about those events at some point. But not right now.

Okay, so here we are up to the MOST IMPORTANT event in 2013. The birth of our absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L second daughter, Emmalyn Grey. She tried to cause a little trouble towards the end of my pregnancy, and decided to make her debut a little early, but the delivery could not have gone better, and she is healthy, gorgeous and completely *PERFECT*

This is where I want to pick up on my blog posts. If I get nothing else caught up on, I am definitely getting Emmalyn's birth story and monthly updates posted. I have LOVED having Ella Grace's updates on here and have already referred back to them several times to compare to Emmalyn. So, I want to be sure to have those saved for our memories.

For now, here is a recent picture of my two beauties : )

Friday, January 11, 2013

Laying it all out there

Wow, have I been a terrible blogger lately {or the past year. whatever.} or what!? Quite honestly I have just really had a difficult time fitting blogging into my life since I became Mommy 19 months ago. Which is pretty ironic since all the time that I blogged before I had Ella Grace, I dreamed of blogging about my baby, our days together, monthly updates, etc. You know, all the "Mommy blogger" stuff.

Well, needless to say, I have failed terribly at that. Since giving birth to my firstborn, I have struggled with time management. BIG time. Especially after returning to work full-time working night shift as an RN while also keeping Ella Grace at home with me during the days. I just could not justify sitting at the computer when I had a new baby to love on, nurse, and care for while also trying to keep up with my usual household chores and wifely duties. I tried over and over to pick it back up, but could just never keep it up regularly.

Fast forward to now. My, how things have changed. My baby is a full-blown toddler well on her way to being 2 YEARS OLD (how on earth!?) AND will become a BIG sister in less than 3 months!!! I have also gone from working full-time to part-time and now I have recently become a SAHM. Becoming a SAHM has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Even though I have always worked since a young age, and I am pretty ambitious when it comes to developing a successful career, I have ALWAYS known that given the opportunity, I would absolutely stay at home with my children. I have been at home now for about 2 months and I have LOVED every minute of it. However, and this is where I start "laying it all out there" as the post title suggests...I feel like I am falling very short as a SAHM! I have SO many things I want to do. Need to do. But I just seem to piddle my time away. And it that is SO frustrating to me. Here again, I am being reminded of what a horrible time manager I am. And that is very humbling.

So, what is all this rambling leading up to, you ask? Well, I have gone back and forth for a LONG time about whether to give up blogging all together or not. And this is what I have decided. I want to begin blogging again. But this time, my reason is evolving. I began blogging to document our lives, our journey together, first as a couple and now as a family. And that still holds true, but I now realize I also want to blog for ME. I want an outlet. I want to connect with other Moms. I want somewhere to turn for support, to gain insight and ideas, and to hold me accountable for being the BEST wife and Mommy that I can be. All of us mommies are in this together, and I want to share this journey with you all.

Now, I am most definitely not promising these awesome, exciting daily blog posts. Because honestly, I am not that awesome or exciting. Truth be told, I do not even know what my next blog post will be about, BUT I needed to start somewhere. And here it is.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Play Date With Our Besties

Yesterday, Ella Grace and I took a mini road trip to have a play date with our best friends : ) Tara and I were roommates in college and have continued to keep in touch over the years even though we live in different states. She is one of my BESTEST friends and I am SO glad we have stayed in contact! Ella Grace and Leighton are only about 6 weeks apart so I feel confident they will grow up to be best friends also : )

We met at a children's museum where the girls kept us running constantly, ha! It was lots of fun though. Even though our little ones kept us on our toes the whole time, we still got in some good Mommy chat which was SO nice!!!

After the museum, we had lunch and then took the girls to a park to play. I know EG and Leighton had fun! They ran around with each other, smiled, laughed, and hugged and kissed on each other. So. Very. Sweet.

The downtown area where the museum was located had the most beautiful autumn-colored trees and fallen leaves all over the sidewalk. It was the PERFECT place for pictures, but of course it is pretty impossible to take pictures of my child alone and it was right by the street. So, I couldn't really make full attempt at taking pictures, but I did snap a few. Naturally, EG wouldn't look my way at all but they are still cute pictures nonetheless.

We really had such a GREAT time! Ella Grace was exhausted so I know she had fun with her bestie : )  Hopefully, we can do it again, sooner rather than later!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

GREAT Christmas DEAL!!!

I usually do not post things like this, but last Christmas I bought Ella Grace TONS of Melissa & Doug toys for Christmas from this website for a FRACTION of the retail cost. I was SO impressed with the quality of their products that I have actually bought several things since at full cost, so needless to say, I am SUPER pumped that these DEALS are BACK!!! Woo Hoo!!! So, because I love them so much I wasted to share with my fellow Mommy friends, so you too can take advantage of these great deals just in time for Christmas : ) I just ordered 3 different items for a grand total of $.20! Yeap, that it is LESS than 1 quarter! I am one happy Mommy : )

Just CLICK HERE to shop Melissa & Doug deals! AND...right now you will receive FREE SHIPPING with any Melissa & Doug purchase! Can I get a double WHOOP!!! That saves almost $8!!! Happy Shopping!

First Trimester: Weeks 5-13

I am already so far behind on posting pregnancy updates, and not much changed throughout the first trimester I thought I would just roll it all into one post. So far, this pregnancy has been pretty identical to my first. LOTS of sickness. But, that's okay because this time around I knew it would eventually end (even though again it never felt like it would!) and that is was absolutely worth it.

Baby's size? Ending the first trimester at around 1 ounce and 3 inches long

Weight Gain? 3-5 pounds

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? No new ones

Belly button in or out? In

Sleep? Pretty good most nights

Foods I am loving? Nothing. Period.

Foods I am hating? One thing different about this pregnancy is that I am not completely turned off to any certain foods. Oh yeah, except milk! But when I was pregnant with EG I could absolutely not even look or think about chicken. It hasn't been that way this time. No specific foods, just all food in general. 

Best moment this week trimester? Well, obviously there have been multiple...including finding out I was pregnant : ) As well as our ultrasounds and hearing our sweet baby's heartbeat!

Movement? None that I can feel yet

Symptoms? Nausea, vomiting, nausea, vomiting, naesea, nausea, nausea...

Gender? ???

What I miss? Playing with my baby girl like I want to : ( I was just too sick with NO energy!

What I'm looking forward to? FEELING BETTER!

Emotions: I have definitely felt more emotional this time around. I think mostly because I worry about loving TWO babies and dividing my attention between them.